CT Green Schools is a resource for educators, administrators, building officials, and students in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities around Connecticut.

CT Green Schools is an ongoing project to research, identify and promote an effective approach to sustainability on school grounds and college and university campuses state-wide. It provides resources to Connecticut schools interested in taking a comprehensive sustainability approach aimed at lowering energy use and cost, reducing greenhouse gases from building systems and transportation, water and waste water management, improving recycling, hazardous waste reduction and disposal, and materials procurement. This approach targets ten areas in building a green school, and twelve areas of sustainable activity on a typical K-12 school or college campus.

About Us

The Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State University was established in 2001 to identify, develop, and implement the means for achieving a sustainable energy future.

The Institute focuses on matters relating to energy education, energy policy, efficiency conservation and load management, renewable energy, distributed generation, protection of environmental resources, and the dissemination of useful information on energy alternatives and sustainability to users and providers of energy. 

The Institute adds an unbiased focus on practical applications and dissemination of information about how to improve the energy profile and sustainability of Connecticut and the region.

The Institute is funded and supported by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund through the Energy Conservation Management Board and the Department of Public Utility Control. The Institute also receives grants, conference sponsorships, donations, contracts, and payments for services from organizations.

We hope you consider the material on our website to be informative and timely. If you can't find the information you need or have additional questions, please contact us at(860) 465-0251 or email ise@easternct.edu

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